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Wake up! Stand up! Speak up!

Appreciated by readers as “the piece with a punch”, this monthly letter cuts to the heart and motivates readers to put feet to their faith, walk to their talk and deed to their creed! Topics include Israel’s battle for survival, Mideast happenings in light of biblical prophecy, a call to the Church to abandon lukewarm, materialistic Christianity for nothing less than a first-love passion for Jesus Christ, and more.

The Shalom Action Report is posted here online and is also free by mail in the US and Canada. Tell a friend!

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Courage or Cowardice

Dear One,

IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE! DIFFICULT TO REJECT! That was Jesus 2,000 years ago. Impossible to ignore. Sick healed. Possessed delivered. Dead resurrected. The poor valued and embraced. Selfish sinners turned into wonder the masses were convinced […]

The Source of Unconditional Love

Precious friend,

I’m asking God to make you want to read this letter. You are one of a select few that we send it to. You either know Norma and me or you know someone who believes […]

Trusting God in Prayer

Precious partners,

“I’m seeing the lawyer tonight. I want a divorce.” But after our encounter that afternoon, Patrick turned to Christ. His life is changed, he’s in the Word, and comes to me with scriptures and questions. Married need […]

The Way to Salvation

Precious friend,

I don’t see them all the time. I don’t think I’d live long if I did. I see them in spaced moments—like jolts that wake me again and again to reality. The reality of death, […]

When Is Frank Coming? I Want to See Him

Dear Partners,

You pray and give to make it happen. You also share in the results.

  • Keith was dying of cancer. Pastor Bob Hakala and I went to his home Easter season of 2018 and led this humble […]

Our Time, Talent, Treasure

Precious friend,

Investments. People make them all the time. They count on are turn – and lose sleep if things began to fail. I know friends whose investments turned out to be built on lies and deception. […]

The Heavenly Vision

Precious partners,


I learned those words from my hero, Apostle Paul, when he stood before Agrippa. I dare to say them to you in spite of all the […]

A Journey Across the Sea

Precious friend,

I have often wished that you and other partners who support Shalom could go with me across the USA and the world. Then you could see first hand how we witness, preach, teach and mentor.

Like the trip […]

I Pant for More!

Precious partner,

If I am going to keep asking you to pray for this ministry—if I am going to keep appealing to you to sacrifice a portion of your resources to keep us declaring the heart and […]

Stand Guard, Living Pillars!

My precious friend,

I still remember the

awesome sight inside a Jewish synagogue

There were pillars about 15 feet apart all along the temple walls. These pillars were not material structures supporting the building. They were living […]

Awaken, Slumbering Saints!

Precious friend,

“The cage is filled with canaries. You can come and get them.” This innocent-sounding statement and the story that goes with it still freezes my heart.

Jews were being arrested and shipped to concentration camps. Millions […]

One “Sign” That’s Hard to Ignore!

My friends,

My number one mentor, the Apostle Paul, said,


The Bible says that God has given them plenty! Sarah’s old age pregnancy. Jacob’s ladder. Plagues loosed on Egypt. All the way […]

Lord, Make Me a Personal Revival…

Precious friend,

“God, don’t let your passion ever weaken in Frank. 


That was the prayer of a student body of young Korean-American Christians as they laid hands […]

What Can I Do When Doors Keep Opening?!

Dear Partner,

At age 82, should I lay down the sword and think “rocker time”? I can’t! The Holy Spirit keeps opening doors, pouring out His grace and letting me speak with power and passion. I’m faced […]

They Can’t Know if We Don’t Tell!

Precious friend,

“Is there anyone in there?”, I asked the group of people watching a house burning, but not yet consumed in flames.

I did not know this would turn into one of the darkest days […]

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