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Wake up! Stand up! Speak up!

Appreciated by readers as “the piece with a punch”, this monthly letter cuts to the heart and motivates readers to put feet to their faith, walk to their talk and deed to their creed! Topics include Israel’s battle for survival, Mideast happenings in light of biblical prophecy, a call to the Church to abandon lukewarm, materialistic Christianity for nothing less than a first-love passion for Jesus Christ, and more.

The Shalom Action Report is posted here online and is also free by mail in the US and Canada. Tell a friend!

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The Loneliest People

Precious friend,

God has given me favor with some of the loneliest people in America and much of the world. I’m not speaking of older folks like me (I reach them, too.) I’m talking about young people—pre-teen into […]

Susan: “Gone to be With Jesus”

Precious friends,

“Come here death! You don’t fight frighten me anymore. Jesus conquered you.

Now you are only a door I must go through to be with God my Father.

And I can’t […]

Your Example Let Me See Jesus

Precious partner,

The Apostle Paul is my hero and number one mentor.

(The Lord Jesus is not my hero. He is so much more—my Life, my Lord and my God!) Paul was just flesh and blood […]

Your Plan Has Not Run Out

Beloved partners,

I know her as I know no other human being.

In June, it will be 58 years married to my Norma.

Each month I tell you how the Holy Spirit impacts this ministry across America […]

Integrity Can’t Be Compromised

My precious friend,

In 1980 they were among the loneliest people in world. Lonely but happy. I’m just speaking of persecuted believers in China or the former Iron Curtain countries where I ministered.

I’m speaking of Jews—Jews […]

Trump: Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

My precious friend,

That news headline shocked the world. No American president dared to say those words from the 1967 war (when Israel conquered Jerusalem) until now. Not Johnson or Nixon or Ford or Carter or Reagan […]

There’s No End to the News…

Our dear friends,


You know about the historic Houston, Texas flood. We recently made a difference. While offering prayer, God’s love and hope to victims, I helped clean up a devastated cemetery […]

God Uses You to Send Us

Precious friend,

I want to tell how your giving makes you a partner in our going.

It all began in the military. Jesus appeared to me and the Bible became His voice. When I told fellow […]

Pray for Everyone

My precious friends,


That was the headline in the newspaper. In the face of Hurricane Irma, The Florida governor is appealing for prayer. It was the same thing in Texas with Hurricane Harvey. […]


Dear partners,

As we walked toward what was barely a shack, Paul and I kept calling her name.

Suddenly a dirt-covered head appeared,

and then a frail  body.

It was Alba—crawling like a dog—toward a voice she […]

Fear Has Many Faces

Precious partner,

Fear of man is a powerful force.

Only love for God can defeat it.

And fear has many faces.

I have met those “fear faces” in my years of standing up for […]

Frank Eiklor is an Enemy of Christ!

Precious friends,

“Frank Eiklor is an enemy of Christ!”

When I heard it, my blood might have turned cold. Then I heard the minister’s accusation clarified. “Eiklor is telling Christians to defend the Jews from hate. […]

The Holy Spirit in Action

Special friends,

“BANG!” “BANG!” “BANG!”         

No, not gunshots—just the Holy Spirit in action. I wanted to tell you more about our outreach to Israel and the Jewish people but that has to wait. I can’t hold back […]

You Are Looking at the Problem!

My dear friend,

“You are looking at the problem!”         

Those are frightening words when spoken to a man looking into a mirror. I know. I was that man—almost 40 years ago. The big news was that […]

It’s Happening Again…

My precious friend,

How frightened would you be if…         

  • You went to the cemetery and saw the headstones of your loved ones toppled over or torn out?
  • You awakened to a swastika or other “get out of […]

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