Dear Special Friend,

It’s one of those moments etched in Norma’s and my memories.

I had been given special permission by Israel to cross into Lebanon in order to help so many suffering people. Terrorists stalked the land, and kidnappings and murders were common.

Then it happened. Word came to Norma that a missionary had been killed by terrorists. He was born in Chicago and was a former US Marine. I fit the bill perfectly, and only later did Norma learn that I was alive and a good man, Bill Robinson, was with the Lord.

In those days, Israel still occupied the southern zone in Lebanon in order to prevent rocket attacks against the Jewish people. Though life was difficult, at least most Lebanese thought they could remain in their homeland. But when the Israeli soldiers who protected them pulled out, many Christian Lebanese fled for their lives to Israel.

That is where they live to this day—dreaming of a day they can return to their battered but beautiful Lebanon.

I remember how they so loved me for coming to care for them that they wanted to build a house for Norma and me if only we would stay in Lebanon.

It was not to be. But now, during my last journey to Israel, they were waiting to see me as I preached Jesus and offered them hope and help. I also challenged them not to miss their opportunity to shine as lights to Jews and Arabs around them. In Lebanon, many were “Christians” in name only. Now, though kept from their physical birthplace, many are being born again spiritually and meeting God in a living encounter.

So as you pray for Israel’s Jewish and Arab peoples, don’t forget a large third group—your Lebanese brothers and sisters. They need our love as well.

Next month I shall tell you how we are reaching thousands of lives around the world (I just returned from incredible days in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay). Hatred against Israel and the Jews is breaking out like a cancer—worldwide. Part of my strategy is to take God’s heart for Israel and the Jews to the church around the world. Many Christians, once ignorant of prophecy being played out in the Mideast, are now learning to stand up and be counted for their own Jewish neighbors and for God’s protection and salvation toward Israel.

What a day to be alive—before the night comes. Please keep this work in your prayers and in your giving. We need you—love you—appreciate you!

To Israel—to the world,

Frank Eiklor

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