Dear Precious Friend,

Several years ago  I was asked, for the first time, to minister to Lebanese refugees, Arabs and Jews in Isreal.  In this strife-torn land people live between hope and despair.

All who know me realize that God has given me a special love for the Jews and Israel. Perhaps that is because His own love for them is so permanent and special. But in my report to you, I’m going to first tell you about my connection with Abraham’s first son—Ishmael.

Through two Arabs—Yousef and Rania—God filled me with heaven’s passion to let Jesus’ love run through me to the Muslim world. Yousef loves Christ. But his heart would often break when some Christians from the USA or Europe would come to Israel with the attitude “Jews yes—Arabs no” while others said, ” Arabs yes—Jews no”. He saw my heart reaching out to embrace both sides and told me how he shares on his web-site my teachings from our e-mail school of leadership. His Arab audience in Israel and across the Arab world is vast. In one month alone he had 270,000 hits!

Rania is an Arab believer from Nazareth who came to the Galilee to hear me. Her new ministry is one of unconditional love and she soaked up my encouragement. Her aim is to see so many Arab believers filled with God’s love for Jews, that Israeli Jews will grow jealous and come to the only one who can bridge the gap between Ishmael and Isaac—Arab and Jew—and that is the Messiah Himself.

We tend to fear Muslims. God doesn’t fear them. He loves them. And the great majority are like all people everywhere—fearing death, seeking meaning to life, weighted down with guilt and sin, and wishing that whoever God is, He would love them instead of only punish them for wrong doing.

I know of such a God—and so do you. That’s why I want the Muslim world to see the real Jesus who said, “He that has seen me has seen the Father.” And a growing number of Arab followers of the Lord in Israel and around the world are paying a price to be faithful. I have just helped to encourage and strengthen many of them. They have beautiful hearts! Pray for them!

Your prayers and gifts helped bless many in Israel on this journey. Their tears and gratitude broke my own heart. Jews, Arabs, Lebanese—all of them precious. And I’m glad I could prove it with deeds as well as words. 
Shalom seeks one thing only—God’s will in how best to reach a broken world.

Best love in Him who is love,

Frank Eiklor
with the Shalom Team

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