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The Pauline Pattern Of Servant-Leadership


Line up all the books on “Christian Leadership” and they might stretch across the USA. Why write another one? Because I believe we have missed God’s target of what constitutes true leadership and who is […]

The Jeremiah Connection


Twenty five years wrapped into one volume.

Month by month, year by year, Frank Eiklor wrote as he learned and as he fought. From the White House to the Israeli Knesset. From standing at death camps […]

Experiencing God’s Extravagance


A daily devotional for disciples—from Genesis through Revelation.

Daily truths with scriptures and lessons from life that cover every personal battle you will ever face including guilt, loneliness, fear, broken heart, moods, etc.

Order […]

A Time for Trumpets… Not Piccolos!


Eiklor’s dramatic encounters at the White House over Bitburg, in Vienna over Kurt Waldheim, and the battle against antisemitism and other hate in America and internationally.

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Shalom International Outreach
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God, Ghettos, Genocide, Glory


The 4000 year history of the Jews.

Over 200 pages with 13 pages of pictures. Inspiration, history and drama—past, present and prophetic. Includes the wonder of biblical prophecy and Mideast significance in light of today’s happenings. […]

In Pursuit of First Love


What is “first love” for Jesus alone?
How do we lose it?
What is the recipe for regaining—and maintaining—first  love for the Lord?

This 250 page book is being used as a discipleship tool around the world. […]

Winners and Losers


A study of every winner—and loser—recorded in the First Testament.

What we learn from those who pleased God and others who failed Him. Examples are offered with scripture references.

A great Bible study source and sermon resource […]

Israel Front Page: The Untold Story


2nd edition!

The real truth concerning Israel unmasked by myths, distortions and lies. Includes important historical and biblical facts plus the real aim of forces that control the Arab intifada.

Forty pages updated to address more recent […]

The New Testament’s Answer to Replacement Theology


Exposing the false teachings that discard the Jewish people and Israel in favor of the church. A thorough study of key New Testament scriptures from Matthew through Revelation.

Order your books today by indicating your […]

Launching a Care Corps Against Hate


Probes the destructive growth of today’s antisemitism and proposes biblical and practical approaches for confronting walls of hatred and building bridges of unconditional love.

Contains a complete “How To” blueprint for launching your own Church Care […]

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