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New Year – Greater Impact – Experience More of God’s Presence


My dear friend,At the beginning of a new year it is our prayer that the next 12 months will be filled with more of the presence of God than you have ever known!Take a quick journey with me—to the past, present and future. In late 1978 God challenged Norma and me to leave a comfortable ministry for uncharted waters. We headed to New England where Shalom International became well known through combating antisemitism and building bridges of unconditional love between Christians and Jews. Our radio broadcasts were heard nationwide and impact was made at the White House, with Israels' leaders, etc.The [...]

New Year – Greater Impact – Experience More of God’s Presence2019-12-28T19:13:49-08:00

Arabs Yousef & Rania Share Gospel with Muslims and Teach Crucial Lesson on God’s Love


Dear Precious Friend,Several years ago  I was asked, for the first time, to minister to Lebanese refugees, Arabs and Jews in Isreal.  In this strife-torn land people live between hope and despair.All who know me realize that God has given me a special love for the Jews and Israel. Perhaps that is because His own love for them is so permanent and special. But in my report to you, I’m going to first tell you about my connection with Abraham’s first son—Ishmael.Through two Arabs—Yousef and Rania—God filled me with heaven’s passion to let Jesus’ love run through me to the Muslim world. [...]

Arabs Yousef & Rania Share Gospel with Muslims and Teach Crucial Lesson on God’s Love2019-12-28T19:13:03-08:00

Keep Your Love Unconditional


My Caring Friend,It was an earthquake that topped the Richter scale.Hamas—the terrorist organization that swears it will erase Israel from the map—elected overwhelmingly by Palestinian Arabs. It was as if the KKK had come to power in America, so great was the shock to the whole world, including Israel and the U.S.What happens next?Only God knows—He who speaks in the Hebrew Scriptures that the pot will boil over Jerusalem and nations will scheme for the day “that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” (Psalm 83:4).When Jesus came to give His life as the perfect sacrifice for sins, [...]

Keep Your Love Unconditional2019-12-28T19:12:18-08:00

Connie’s Story – Alone, She Still Radiated Peace and Love


Remember the old saying, "I complained I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet”? Sometimes, in spite of our own sufferings, we don’t know how easy we have it until we meet people who pay the ultimate price—death or abandonment—because of allegiance to Jesus.When the Jewish Messiah spoke to His Jewish disciples, He warned them that their foes would be from within their own households. They were to remain faithful to Him, trust in His presence and give nothing but love in return for any hate or contempt that would come their way.For this Action Report I want [...]

Connie’s Story – Alone, She Still Radiated Peace and Love2019-12-28T19:11:30-08:00

Arabs, Jews, & the Lebanese: A Prayer for All


Dear Special Friend,It’s one of those moments etched in Norma’s and my memories.I had been given special permission by Israel to cross into Lebanon in order to help so many suffering people. Terrorists stalked the land, and kidnappings and murders were common.Then it happened. Word came to Norma that a missionary had been killed by terrorists. He was born in Chicago and was a former US Marine. I fit the bill perfectly, and only later did Norma learn that I was alive and a good man, Bill Robinson, was with the Lord.In those days, Israel still occupied the southern zone in [...]

Arabs, Jews, & the Lebanese: A Prayer for All2019-12-28T19:10:55-08:00

Paul the Apostle: Leading the Race


My Precious Friend,Sometimes I still think I’m a 35 year old as I run in the hills, pump iron and prepare for the next missionary journey.But deep in my bones I know the reality—that the 16th of this month I cross the bridge into the land of 70 year olds. And like my granddaughter Kelsey says, “Saba (that’s Hebrew for grandfather), now 70 is old!”Yep! Reality. But thank God, with the passage of years has come experience—walking with Him to peaks and pits—through storms, temptations, tests, traps, mistakes and sins where His grace has gone before and His goodness and mercy [...]

Paul the Apostle: Leading the Race2019-12-28T19:10:10-08:00

Tears and Prayers for Messianic Jews


My Precious Friend,Weep with me.Cry with me over our Israel and the Jewish people. We love them unconditionally with God’s love. We defend them from those who wish them harm. We pray for them to recognize that God is alive and powerful—able to give them new hope.Most of my (God made them mine) Jewish people believe the Bible—their very Book—to be full of fairy tales. Others have reduced God’s Word to rigid rules but no real love. When Jews in Israel face the biblical facts that Yeshuah is the promised Messiah, they find new hope and great peace. They become aware [...]

Tears and Prayers for Messianic Jews2019-12-28T19:09:20-08:00

The Son of God is Appearing in Dreams and Visions to Young Muslims


It’s a word that strikes fear—even terror—in people across the Western world. "Islam”! And another word that terrifies—"Jihad”—holy war against all infidels (non-Muslims). Willing and eager suicide bombers. Others who slaughter their victims from the free world by slicing throats and cutting off heads. All to inspire fear, terror, and dread!They believe they are right. That their god is the right one—and Jews and Christians be damned—literally! The goal is world control under the banner of Islam. If this is a mere contest between men and their ideas about God, then the radical Islamist can stake his claim that he is [...]

The Son of God is Appearing in Dreams and Visions to Young Muslims2019-12-28T19:08:38-08:00

Prayer: A Call to Arms


Beloved Friend,I was there—near the border of Lebanon—in Haifa—the Galilee—reaching with love, preaching the Word, teaching disciples. Jews, Arabs and Lebanese welcomed me with open hearts and arms. They were under fire from terrorists’ rocket attacks.Imagine yourself literally terrified—especially during each day when the rockets are fired(at night they leave fiery trails that can be traced back to the shooter and launcher).A basement (if you have one) or a bomb shelter offer hope. Otherwise, whether in your home or on the street—or your kids at school or play—you know that death can approach silently and suddenly—before that terrifying explosion! If I could, [...]

Prayer: A Call to Arms2019-12-28T19:08:02-08:00

October 2006


My Precious Friend,I remember it like yesterday. I approached a home where I was to share the Lord and knocked. A boy of perhaps five or six years answered the door, took one look at me and ran back to his mother shouting “Mama, Jesus is here!! Jesus is here!!”Was it the Bible I carried? Or had the lad seen me before in that same neighborhood sharing the love of Jesus? Whatever it was, that little boy taught me a lesson I never forgot. You and I are the only “Jesus” most people will ever see. That’s why we’re called “epistles [...]

October 20062019-12-28T19:07:08-08:00