Dear One,

IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE! DIFFICULT TO REJECT! That was Jesus 2,000 years ago. Impossible to ignore. Sick healed. Possessed delivered. Dead resurrected. The poor valued and embraced. Selfish sinners turned into wonder the masses were convinced He was the Messiah. Only the proud and greedy could – and would – reject Him. That was then. What about now?

Fast forward to October 1979 – 40 years ago. It was like Jesus Christ transplanted His heart into my spiritual chest and I was overwhelmed with His love for Israel and Jews. What followed was not a walk in the park but a war in a jungle of hate.

Courage or cowardice. Fight or flight. Stand up or shrivel up. I learned the hard way that God makes all the difference. Death threats. Swastikas. Various tactics to intimidate. The Shalom team saw all that and more when we spoke out against those who hated Jews and Israel.

I learned courage at Treblinka death camp in Poland where 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, including James Korczak perished. I heard of him from a Polish evangelical bishop who cried when he recalled the story. Korczak ran separate Jewish and Christian orphanages. When the Nazis destroyed and occupied Warsaw, he was left with only the Jewish children. Then Dr. Korczak was ordered to remain in Warsaw while the children were removed to Ttreblinka.

The good man knew the children would be killed and insisted he would not leave them. Pretending they were all going on an outing, Korczak accompanied his orphans to Treblinka. They perished together. A stone engraved with his name honors the memory of this man who loved others more than life.

Today we have the internet and tens of thousands of disciples worldwide. What do I tell them? “Follow me as I follow Christ. When Jews stand alone, stand with them. When Israel faces lies and threats, support her. And tell them that it’s because of the Lord Jesus – Yeshuah the Messiah – who motivates you and provides the power to care.” It’s impossible to ignore that kind of love.

Our current website excels in telling the story of this ministry, but falls short in making the vast array of Bible study “power tools” on the site readily accessible. It’s our vision to develop a Shalom Study Center. This new website will be a key tool in our ongoing ministry to you and others. Prayerfully consider being a part of the new website through your prayers and a special donation this month. Your support makes you a part of this ministry and a blessing!

Here’s my prayer, “Lord, please stir the heart reading this letter to pray for and help us.”


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