Precious partner,

If I am going to keep asking you to pray for this ministry—if I am going to keep appealing to you to sacrifice a portion of your resources to keep us declaring the heart and will of God—I must again tell you why.

It all has to do with PASSION. Jesus’ passion

—His real agony on a real cross in real time—

unfolded before me as a 20 year old US marine. Sixty two years later, this same fire of love does not just burn in me

—it consumes me to love Him and to make Him known to all. I pant for more!


Webster calls it: “An overpowering or compelling effect—fervor and ardor—eagerness in the pursuit of…” For me, it’s the pursuit of a greater passion for Jesus!

People know when it’s real. A young pastor caught it when Tobey wrote in the foreword to our devotional book:

“Through the years, I have learned that Frank has many passions, and yet just one. He does, indeed, have a passion for Israel and the Jewish people. He does, indeed, have a passion to help young ministers walk in God’s destiny. He does have an incredible passion for his family; for the lost; for the Bride of Christ to become blameless and pure; for the nations to hear the good news; and for people to know the wonder of God. In fact, the list goes on and on, and yet Frank really only has one passion from which all flow. He has an unbelievable, unquenchable, insatiable desire for Jesus! Frank loves Jesus! He wants to serve his Lord in a way that is so beautifully genuine and profoundly passionate that it compels all of us around him to be stirred to higher heights and deeper depths in our pursuit of the loveliness of Christ.”

You and I know it is only God who gets the glory for any good people see in our lives. It’s all the Holy Spirit. I share Tobey’s words to tell you that people notice and value passion for Christ. Like Serge, Patrick, Alex—so many men who come to me. That’s why my first call is not to try to force the Church to:

“Love Israel, bless the Jews, evangelize the world.”

It is to let my life and words be used by God to ignite in others a Holy Spirit passion to love Jesus. The rest follows.

So you must pray—Please!—that I (and the team) will so love the Lord without a fake atom in our beings that those who hear—see—read—will say,

“I want to know You, Jesus. I want that same passion in my life.

Take not just a part—but all of my heart!”

I’ve seen it time after time—once people fall in love with Yeshuah—Jesus—His love motivates their lives. That is why I so need your help as we do our part to…

          Awaken a Lukewarm Church with a Passion for Jesus!

…Frank Eiklor

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