July 28

“And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.”
Luke 12:15

It is only the one who is a prisoner of Jesus Christ who can remain free from a deadly trap that Satan knows how and when to set. In today’s lesson, our Lord is not just telling us to beware of accumulating too many things. He is warning us to not even covet that which we may never acquire but will still turn our hearts and thoughts away from Him. That’s what covetousness is: to lust for, pine away for and spend all my time thinking about whatever it is that has captured and become the center of my attention.

It’s not always the material. It can be a coveting of human praise and glory, or even another person that God calls “out of bounds”. And the virus of covetousness can strike any Christian at any age or stage of life. There’s only one way to guarantee freedom and the Psalmist found it: “My soul followeth hard after thee…” (Psalm 63:8). He coveted only the intimate presence of God and reached for God with all his might.

The Lord often allows us to have what we set our minds on – but at the end of life we will either hear “Well done!” or “You fool!” He illustrates our text with the man who lived to accumulate things, building bigger and bigger barns. But before he could say, “I finally have enough of things,” the Lord said, “I have had enough of you!” He left all behind, including his last chance to wake up and repent.

How right our Savior is! Life is not made up of material junk but of an abundance of the presence of God in doing the will of God to the glory of God. Choose now to be a true rich man by following hard after God.

My Prayer

“Open my eyes, Lord, to see the riches that last. Cause me to so follow after You that nothing of this world will ever claim my attention that is due to only You.”

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