July 30

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.”
Luke 22:32

Poor, precious Peter! He gives us such hope because of God’s great love for him in spite of Peter’s greatest failures before the Lord. Having the Lord rebuke him with “Get behind me Satan.” Denying Jesus and even cursing in order to convince others that he was no friend of Jesus. Cocky enough to put down all the disciples while elevating himself with
“If they all deny you, I won’t!” But behind all of his problems was a pure and simple love for God that Jesus both saw and appreciated. Now he is telling Simon what I believe he would tell you and me; how Satan would sift Peter – and us – like wheat and blow our faith to the wind without the Messiah’s direct intercessory intervention. (see v 31)

Just think of it: the Creator of the whole universe and the Savior of the world praying specifically that Peter’s faith would not fail! No wonder when Pentecost converted him from his own frail faith to a man super-charged by the Holy Spirit he was well able to carry out Jesus’ call to “strengthen thy brethren.” Now it is you being prayed for by name – by Christ Himself: “Neither pray I for these alone (those disciples with Him) but for them also which shall believe on me…(those who would love Him down through the ages).” (John 17:20)

With a God who keeps count of every hair on your head; with a Holy Spirit who sees every tear that falls; with a Redeemer who prays for you as His personal responsibility, is it any wonder God calls you more than a conqueror?! So take heart – the One whose prayers are always answered is praying for you!

My Prayer

“I stand in awe of You, Lord Jesus. To even contemplate You praying for me makes me cry out to be able to comprehend such a wonder. Let this truth transform me from a little-faith to a great-faith who can strengthen my brethren.”

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