My Caring Friend,

It was an earthquake that topped the Richter scale.

Hamas—the terrorist organization that swears it will erase Israel from the map—elected overwhelmingly by Palestinian Arabs. It was as if the KKK had come to power in America, so great was the shock to the whole world, including Israel and the U.S.

What happens next?

Only God knows—He who speaks in the Hebrew Scriptures that the pot will boil over Jerusalem and nations will scheme for the day “that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” (Psalm 83:4).

When Jesus came to give His life as the perfect sacrifice for sins, He was embraced by the Jewish masses but rejected by the leadership. How He wept over the desolation that would come and last for two millennia. But He guaranteed that one day Israel will again welcome Him as their only hope.

That’s what is happening in Israel today. A growing number of Jews are discussing—and taking back—Yeshuah as their own. The believers pay a heavy price. I went to Arad to encourage those who are persecuted by their fellow religious Jews. My heart broke when I heard how some have been beaten and spat upon—for loving Yeshuah! Some would curl up in a ball when confronted on the street—like you do if attacked by a wild animal—to survive the beating that followed.

This suffering has caused some to grow timid. Others remain bold as lions and drank in my encouragement to live out the Book of Acts. They knew that I have faced the hatred of those who wished to harm Jews. They also knew how Jewish leaders accepted my help but later rejected me solely because of my belief that Jesus is good news for all men—Gentile or Jew.

I was able to tell those who suffer now in Israel: “Trust the Holy Spirit for boldness. Believe Him for miracles so that others can see the difference between man’s traditions and God’s power. Live in absolute integrity so no one can fault your way of life. Walk in Yeshuah’s love and forgiveness toward those who hate you—but be like Paul and demand that in this land of supposed rights and equal justice the Israeli authorities protect you from unjust attacks.”

Pray for Israel as never before. Don’t follow the advice some evangelical leaders (no matter how popular they are) who are warning American Jewish leaders that if they do not support our causes, then Christians might not support Israel.

Keep your love unconditional.

We must and will care for Jews whether or not some care for us. We will stand for Israel’s right to live even though some of those Israelis choose to hate us for our love of Jesus. This is a test Christians must not fail!

Days of destiny lie ahead. Those who love God and trust in Jesus Christ will suffer, in and out of Israel. Some may die. But I saw across Israel—from Haifa and Tel Aviv to the Negev and up to the Galilee the Spirit of God blowing where and on whom He chooses. I prayed with and challenged many. I also returned challenged anew to be utterly dead to self so that the resurrected Jesus would be seen, felt and heard through my life.

We helped many wonderful workers across Israel. Jews, Arabs, Lebanese—so many were touched by the powerful love of God! Your prayers and gifts helped make it happen. Now the next battle awaits. Please keep those prayers coming. And it goes without saying that your financial assistance sends us to each battlefield where God again and again gives victory in each campaign (lives changed for eternity!).

Thanks for all you mean. And for all you do!

So very grateful to you,

Frank Eiklor

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