“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10

Our forefathers who settled this country had a better grasp of this scripture than we do. Their lives depended on their strong tower. Fields could be planted and errands carried out outside the walls, but when danger threatened, they ran to the fort for safety.

Lovers of the Lord have the greatest promise of safety. It is not found in a location, but in a name. There are many names in Scripture describing the Almighty God, but to me, the sweetest “name of the Lord” is “Jesus.” The Father calls it the name above all names. Demons shriek in surrender at that name. Every knee will bend in submission to that name.

Prayers are made, heard and answered when offered humbly “in Jesus’ name.” And when those storms of life engulf us with no seeming end in sight, sometimes the only word that makes sense and brings solace is the name that finds its way from our souls to our lips… “Jesus”!

It alone is that strong tower that God has given to His saints. And little wonder that the name of Jesus brings such a promise of hope and safety: the Hebrew is “Yeshua” and the word means “salvation.” That is why Satan hates that name and the unrighteous take it in vain. For it is only the righteous—those cleansed by the blood of the owner of that precious name—that can appreciate its beauty and take advantage of its power.

“JESUS”! Love that name more and more. Use it often in prayer for others. Speak it boldly against all satanic threats. Run to that name above all names when times bring you delight—or terrible fright. It is your hiding place – your safe place—in every storm.

My prayer: “Thank You, my precious Lord Jesus, that You have given me Your name and Your presence as my strong tower of refuge. I run to You as my only eternal source of safety.”

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