It hit me like a bolt of lightning: what I believe to be an encounter with the God of eternity in December, 2018. It was like a no-pause conversation between two spirits—the Holy Spirit and mine. I truly believe I heard from our Lord.

The Lord: “You have the recipe for My Church’s revival.” That was lightning bolt 1.
Servant Frank: “Is this You talking in my spirit, Lord?”
The Lord: “What is the last of the many New Testament books you memorized 50 years ago?”
Servant Frank: “The book of Revelation.”
The Lord: “How have you kept it fresh in your head and heart for these years?”
Servant Frank: “By reviewing the 22 chapters—one chapter a day—every 3 weeks (two chapters on                day 21).”
Lightning bolt 2—A stunned Servant Frank: “Wow, Lord! I have reviewed the Book of Revelation for around 50 years and counting!?”
The Lord: “Have I used that book to warn, rebuke, encourage, frighten, thrill and challenge you? Have I used it to show you glimpses of My glory and kept you in My fear with a burning heart and fire in your belly? What do I most often use to fill you with a fear of pretension and lukewarmness?”
An awed Servant Frank: “The words of Your Revelation.”
The Lord: “You must teach what I have taught you. Much of My Church is cold and compromised—married to the world, not to Me. The time for the fires of revival can happen now!”
Servant Frank: “Oh God, let me feel Your grief for a crippled Church, a still-blinded Israel and a lost world. But Lord, why wait until now—in my 80’s! —to open my eyes that Revelation contains Your recipe for revival that does not fade away?”
The Lord: “I have used this Book to prevent you from ever living a lie. I have caused first-love for Me to be the rule of your life for all these years. You are part of my evidence that the years should always be filled with a heart that burns for Me.”
Servant Frank: “Lord, I feel I hardly know You! But I’m crucified with Christ—a dead man—and under Your ownership. Do what You want.


This incredible encounter has only grown stronger. I find it almost scary. My eyes are open to why Satan has hijacked the Book of Revelation through fear put in millions of Christians (like the following) over arguments about a future rapture, while hiding present-day truths that can heal the Church’s rupture and bring revival.

  • “Revelation? It’s too complicated. I don’t read it.”—Christian Layman
  • “I rarely preach from Revelation. It’s too divisive.”—Pastor
  • “If you don’t accept our view of the rapture, you can’t serve on the church board.”—an “almost” Elder
  • “I’m sure it’s inspired. I just can’t get inspired reading it. —Sunday School Teacher
  • “Revelation? Signs and symbols about tomorrow that cause a lot of arguments today.”—Christian Businessman
  • “Only a well-trained theologian should teach that book.”—Christian Professor


They bought a lie! Here is the truth! REVELATION CONTAINS GOD’S RECIPE FOR REVIVAL!!

These 22 chapters trumpet God’s call to first-love passion for His Son instead of drowning in lukewarmness and mediocrity. Each of us can be—should be—a breathing, walking, enduring revival in our world. I choose to be. Will you join me?

Many saints are praying for God’s fire. I want to strike a match and see what happens with all God has shown me in that Book over 50 years. Much of the Church is asleep. It’s time to wake up!

  • Jews and Israel must see and receive God’s unconditional love from millions of us believers, not just a few.
  • A helpless, hopeless, despairing drowning world will see God’s love and life explode in saints everywhere—rather than “same old, same old—churchianity”.
  • God’s heart will be satisfied when the Church is obsessed with His Son—not with self.

So, let’s get started on God’s Recipe for Revival.

(To be continued.)

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