“For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.” 2 Corinthians 8:9

I love the Christmas season. Ok, I know all about the crass commercialism and the debt many incur as they go overboard in gift giving. But I love what Christmas still means to millions of lovers of Jesus. The birth of the babe who shook the world—and now rules the universe as the Son of God.

No one could invent such a story. Truth really is stranger than fiction. A Jewish virgin chosen to carry the miracle babe! The prophets who offered detailed information in how and where He would be born—and die—and be resurrected—with their exact prophecies spanning some 4000 years!

What a price our Jesus paid to redeem you and me from our sins. Yes, He paid the price we should have paid. He took the hell we deserved. And He guarantees us the heaven we could never deserve. He came as a little stranger. And the story of that birth, brief life and sacrificial death will live on long after the earth and universe shall be dissolved. How I thank God that I shall never stand in judgment to account for my sins. Jesus paid my bill in blood—His own. And that is how the following story came to be.


The journey began a long time ago,

A couple all tired and cold;

They needed a place to spend the long night,

“But there is no room,” they were told.

“My wife – she carries a babe in her womb,

Please give us a room if you’re able”;

But they all shook their heads at the desperate man,

Except one who showed them his stable.

“I’ve no room in my inn,” the owner said,

“Weary travelers are filling each bed;

But along with the beasts you’ll find soft hay,

At least it’s a roof o’er your head.”

“I’ll accept your kind offer,” said the man,

“It’s no use to travel again;

You see, my wife is pregnant with child,

And tonight she may be in pain.”

No fancy room or baby crib,

Would welcome the Child that night;

Just a manger of straw with the beasts standing by,

A humble and pitiful sight.

But the baby was born—a sparkling boy,

“His name shall be Jesus,” they sighed,

If the innkeeper knew Whom he had no room for,

He might just have sat down and cried.

The little baby that had been born,

Lay in mother’s arms all curled;

And strange as it sounds, this little babe,

Had once made all of the worlds.

And long before the Child was born,

A star moved across the sky;

To guide the wise men from the east,

They arrived with their gifts by and by.

The glory of God shone round humble men,

Keeping watch o’er their flock through the night;

“Fear not!” cried the angel, as they shook with fright,

And the night surrendered to light.

“Glory to God,” sang the heavenly host,

“Peace on earth and good will toward men;”

And the shepherds went rushing to Bethlehem,

To see the One heaven did send.

The news of the baby’s birth did spread,

Over desert and river and hill;

At a time when the world was about to be taxed,

The Little Stranger in the manger paid the bill.

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