“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

“What’s your name?”, I often ask those to whom I witness for Christ. Then I tell him or her their name is included in the Bible’s golden verse—John 3:16—and let each read the verse but replace the word “whosoever” with their name.  I have never had one accuse me of misusing the scripture. Instead, many a face has lit up with “I never saw it that way—God loving me personally. Me!”

And you, dear reader—you! Oh how God loves you and me. And He sees you as if He had no other. If He observes a single sparrow—if He creates each snowflake unlike any other—surely Jesus wants you to know that He made just one like you.

His eye never leaves you. His love never is withdrawn from you—not for a millisecond. Each hair is counted. Each fingerprint unique. Each DNA a miracle, with no duplication. The blind leading the blind tell us, “You’re only protoplasm on a planet with no purpose.” The Architect of the universe says, “No way! You are My special creation. I love you. And the more you get to know Me, the more you will know just how important and precious you are to Me. After all, that’s why I made just one like you!”


In a world of teeming billions,

Crowding in on every side;

When you feel so bewildered,

That you want to run and hide:

Think of Him Who counts the sparrows,

Gives each rainbow a special hue;

And He counts the hairs you carry,

For He made just one like you.

When you think no one really cares,

 And feel so incidental;

 That even nice things done for you,

Are merely accidental:

Recall the snowflakes you’ve seen fall,

Each one is different, and it’s true;

That to God you’re extra special,

For He made just one like you.

If you’ve heard you’re not important,

With no special identity;

That you’re only just a number,

To be carried out to sea:

Call to mind you’re His creation,

Then from the song birds take a cue;

Let the whole world know you love Him,

For He made just one like you.

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