“He personally bore our sins in His own body to the tree (as to an altar and offered Himself on it), that we might die (cease to exist) to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24 Amplified Bible

There are times when I cry in frustration and even agony. It’s when my eyes are opened in those rare supernatural moments of revelation when the Holy Spirit lets me view Jesus Christ’s trial and crucifixion. That’s when I am flooded with such unspeakable love that I want to tear away the flesh and its earthbound limitations that allow me, at best, only a shadow of what He endured to save you and me. That’s when I want to throw my arms around His ankles, look up at His face, and never let go!

But those moments never last. They come and go. Ah, but one day—soon?—my limitations will be ended. Yours, too. A final breath. Flesh thrown off like an old garment. Then new life. Eternal life. Then by His grace—His face! And my arms to finally hug Him. And never let go!   


A quiet city sleeps, as the scene unfolds;

Unaware of a trial in a home:

A high priest threatens while a mob looks on,

At a man who stands composed and all alone.

Bitter words are hurled and hate-filled faces glare;

But the Jew neither cowers, cries nor fears:

Untrue accusations, a smash across the face;

He takes it all—the insults, lies and jeers.

The rays of dawn streak over the horizon;

As the Man is brought to the governor of the land:

Pilate trembles when Jesus tells him where He came from;

Then hands Him to the mob and wipes his hands.

Jewish lips scream for his crucifixion;

Gentile hands reach for the hammer and the nails:

The world He came to die for turns against Him;

And the King is mocked by men with cries of “Hail!”

What’s that He’s saying as He hangs there dying?

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”:

Then all the weight of sin is placed upon Him;

He dies beneath a sign “King of the Jews.”

The sun hides as darkness blots out noon day;

A veil tears, a quake brings shifting sod:

Angels watch in wonder and amazement;

And a soldier cries, “This was the Son of God!”

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