“I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore, with loving-kindness have I drawn you.” Jeremiah 31:3

The year was 1973. I was in South Korea preaching the gospel from the 38th parallel in the north to Pusan in the south. The Korean marines facing their North Korea enemy on the front lines were my big target. Hundreds stood to make decisions to follow Jesus Christ. Fact is, wherever I went I found old and young like sponges waiting to be immersed in God’s unconditional love.

One cold winter night in Taejon, I was walking by the frozen rice paddies when I suddenly felt enveloped in the arms of God—the arms of love. He told me that He loved me and seemed to press me to use those words “God loves you” unsparingly in this agonized, broken, confused world.

And so I do, including to you, my friend. Believe that Jesus loves you, because He died to prove it. Then share that news with others and don’t be shy to look loved ones in the eye with three magic words they need to hear—“God loves you!”


I took a walk alone one night,

And was looking at the sky;

The air was cool, the moon so full,

And the stars were bright and high:

When suddenly three magic words,

So ecstatic, fresh and new;

The Lord stood there beside me,

And He whispered, “I love you.”

Those words had such effect on me,

That I stood there starry-eyed;

Just lost in wonder and surprise,

And I think I even cried:

While all around me people walk,

Often tired, often blue;

In need of someone taking time,

Just to tell them, “God loves you.”

Three magic words I heard that night,

Are now in my heart to stay;

When I say those words to others,

It brings sunshine to their day:

And even as you read these words,

I want you to know it’s true;

Three magic words come from my heart,

And the words are, “God loves you.”

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