The Most Important Question in Life

If you were to die tonight, where would you spend eternity?

That really is the most important  question in life. Each of us will die. Some of us spend serious time thinking about death, while others try to avoid that thought altogether. Why is this? Why do only human beings concern ourselves with thoughts about life after death? The answer is really simple. The Bible teaches us that God has put the desire to live forever in our hearts because that is what He intends for each person.

The Bible is a book of facts—truths tested and proven through the centuries. Jesus Christ walked this very earth, performed miracles, died on a real cross and was literally raised from dead. God is ready and willing to show you the truth and to give you assurance that you can know where you will spend eternity. Here are six steps and scriptures that can lead you to His path of eternal life.

We can help you begin your life in Christ.
Look at the word “TRUST” and let’s give it practical meaning.

  • T-ake time daily to talk to God in prayer.

  • R-ead His word each day for spiritual food (a great place to begin is the gospel of John).

  • U-nderstand that you need the strength and friendship of other true Christians who love the Lord. You will find that at a church where the Bible is preached and lived.

  • S-tand on God’s promises in the Bible no matter how many times Satan tries to pull you back into your old ways of thinking and doing.

  • T-ake every opportunity to tell others that you have opened your life to Christ.

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