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Welcome to the More Than Talk Program Library

More Than Talk tvCollected here is a library of More Than Talk! programs for your own study and encouragement and to share with others.

Material is copyrighted by Shalom International Outreach but you are welcome to play the material, without editing, for your own or group study. Programs may not be copied, sold or distributed.

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Program 181

On Guard: Phoney Preachers, False Teachers & Gullible People

Program 179

The One Step Cure for Addictions—part 2

Program 178

The One Step Cure for Addictions—part 1

Program 177

Israel Front Page: The Untold Story!

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Program 176

Who Really Crucified Jesus?

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Program 175

Life’s Greatest Questions and Answers that May Surprise You!

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Program 173

Pain, Worry, Grief, Depression, Suicide: Does Anybody Care?!

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Program 172

Israel: the Nation Without an Option

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Program 171

The Best Place to Find Love

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Program 170

What’s So Special About Jesus

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Program 169

Wise Man or Fool, We Get to Choose

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Program 168

Your Purpose on Planet Earth

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