My dear friend,

At the beginning of a new year it is our prayer that the next 12 months will be filled with more of the presence of God than you have ever known!

Take a quick journey with me—to the past, present and future. In late 1978 God challenged Norma and me to leave a comfortable ministry for uncharted waters. We headed to New England where Shalom International became well known through combating antisemitism and building bridges of unconditional love between Christians and Jews. Our radio broadcasts were heard nationwide and impact was made at the White House, with Israels’ leaders, etc.

The work grew and expanded to the West Coast where we added half hour weekly telecasts and continued to have a high profile in fighting bigotry and modeling Jesus through actions, not merely words. A few Jewish leaders tried to get us to back off on Jesus—let Him be for Gentiles, not Jews. We answered “Yeshua is for everyone, no exceptions.” God caused us to exhibit integrity to all.

When Christian radio kept raising their prices to ridiculous levels, we left the airwaves rather than spend time begging for bucks. Then we saw the plight of pastors and churches and made another decision. Picture in your mind a church supporting a number of missionaries. When “Missionary A” returns and speaks at the church, he gathers up names for his personal mailing list and raises more funds. Meanwhile, the church budget has to come up with money to send to all the missionaries, including “Missionary A”.

When I saw the problem, we determined to give our time and energy free to pastors and churches and not to add their names to our list of supporters. Sure, it has meant more of a financial struggle not to do what most others do, but we sense God’s pleasure. He adds interested friends through other friends like you.

Today we are accomplishing more with less. I am preaching, teaching and discipling across Israel, the USA and the world. We have also been helping to support national workers globally—and they are reaching tens of thousands of lives. Funds that used to go into radio now go to many spiritual warriors who are movers and shakers of the masses.

The future is always uncertain—except to God. If He gives life, strength and provision, we hope to minister in other places where they cry “Come over and help us!”

We live on your prayers. We work through your offerings of love.
God bless you.
Frank Eiklor

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