Precious friend,

Investments. People make them all the time. They count on are turn – and lose sleep if things began to fail. I know friends whose investments turned out to be built on lies and deception. Oh, the bitter tears!

They didn’t heed words I learned from an old friend: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” He also said, “Don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose.”

How different with God and the eternal.

He welcomes you and me to invest in that which is lasting and never loses its value.

What lasts? The souls of men. What holds its value? Every person who becomes born again and enters the Kingdom of God and His redeemed ones.

I have a cause that I welcome you and others to invest in . for this cause, I’ve invested my very life The “CAUSE” takes in the very heart of God. Only four things.

  1. REVIVE A SLEEPING CHURCH. God works through His Church. Much of Christ’s body is lukewarm and drowning in materialism. I have “God’s recipe for revival” that I must teach and send around the world. I think you’ll agree when I share it with you.
  2. ISRAEL. We have a proven plan to love and defend Israel that always declares where that love comes from – our Savior and Messiah Yeshua.
  3. Love and defend PERSECUTED JEWS worldwide – with the good news of Jesus not hidden in fear or shame.
  4. Love and declare the gospel to MUSLIMS AND THE WHOLE WORLD with a challenge they do not expect. (More on that soon)

If you followed me for a week, you would say, “The man witnesses for Christ everywhere. Street. Stores. Planes. Neighbors. .strangers. highways. Byways.” Of course I do. So do those disciples who follow my example. And those soldiers are spread throughout the earth!

Our time. Treasure. Talents. Invested in people. That’s all that will last.

Will you invest in Shalom? We need financial help – big help – to reach more of the lost and train more of the saved. I cannot offer worldly profits. But I can guarantee that your investment – large or small – in this work will be visible and real when you face the Lord. And the investment lasts forever! (see enclosed card)

Will you do it this Resurrection month? We welcome your investment with open hearts.

…Frank Ekilor

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