My Precious Friend,

Sometimes I still think I’m a 35 year old as I run in the hills, pump iron and prepare for the next missionary journey.

But deep in my bones I know the reality—that the 16th of this month I cross the bridge into the land of 70 year olds. And like my granddaughter Kelsey says, “Saba (that’s Hebrew for grandfather), now 70 is old!”

Yep! Reality. But thank God, with the passage of years has come experience—walking with Him to peaks and pits—through storms, temptations, tests, traps, mistakes and sins where His grace has gone before and His goodness and mercy have followed behind.

My hero is the Apostle Paul (Jesus Christ is more than my hero—He is my very life!).

Paul is the only one who ever said, “Follow me as I follow Christ” (see I Corinthians 11:1). Paul knew that believers—especially the young—needed a true example of purity, boldness, consistency, integrity, humility—death to self with only Jesus at the steering wheel. He met that challenge and God has told me to do the same as I have reached out from Israel to India, Canada to China, South America to Spain—the world. Teach the young to pay the price! To blanket this sick world with the offer of God’s love. To hasten the return of King Jesus. To finish the job!

We have open doors around the world.

Pray for wisdom and strength to both hear and do the will of God. In my last journey, we ministered to some 3000 young people and 1200 pastors in southern Argentina. Now we’re being invited to help train some 2000 more leaders in the north. Pray that whether with Jews in Israel or with Gentiles around the globe, the Spirit of God would allow me to echo the words of Paul, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.”

I invite you again this month to invest in this great work of God. I truly believe, when eternity swallows up time, you and I will be glad God used us together!

With love and appreciation,


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