Beloved Friend,

I was there—near the border of Lebanon—in Haifa—the Galilee—reaching with love, preaching the Word, teaching disciples. Jews, Arabs and Lebanese welcomed me with open hearts and arms. They were under fire from terrorists’ rocket attacks.

Imagine yourself literally terrified—especially during each day when the rockets are fired

(at night they leave fiery trails that can be traced back to the shooter and launcher).

A basement (if you have one) or a bomb shelter offer hope. Otherwise, whether in your home or on the street—or your kids at school or play—you know that death can approach silently and suddenly—before that terrifying explosion! If I could, I would be there right now, like I have been during past conflicts.

Then there is tormented Lebanon.

Too weak to defend herself against Hezbollah and Syria, Lebanon has become a haven for terror attacks against Israel. Cities and towns where I have ministered in southern Lebanon are being used by the terrorists to wreak their horror—and shelled by Israel in self-defense. But always—always—precious people suffer and die!

The world is a boiling pot.

South American countries are turning to socialism (communism). Indonesia (I have an open door) is a Muslim stronghold where Christians accept suffering as their daily lot. In China, the underground church knows great pain—and great growth.

A tired humanity is beginning to hope for—and call for—someone who can control the world and offer everybody the “good life.”

You know who that will be.

Exactly where are we in prophecy? No one knows except the Lord (and a few folks who want to sell more books). Things will become clearer as the battle intensifies. But for you and me the hour for prayer and action is always NOW. In the midst of storms there is always a waiting harvest of precious lives that awaken to their need of forgiveness, peace and eternal life that only comes from Jesus. That is what is taking place around this painful planet.

Our own Shalom Fall offensive is about to begin. Journeys will be made, people will be reached and, as always happens, many will respond. That is my only reason—Shalom’s one reason—for existence. Pray for Israel and Lebanon. Pray for your brethren that suffer worldwide. Pray for Shalom. Pray for me! Your help this month will be so welcome and so appreciated!

Thanks for all you do,


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