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August 14

“Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”
John 20:21

One moment in history forever separates Jesus from other men and vindicates Him as Lord and God. It is His actual resurrection as an actual fact in actual history. He now appears to His disciples with the main reason they will remain on earth while He returns to the right hand of God. Just as the Father had sent Him to reach them, so He was now sending them to reach the world. Suffering, rejection, persecution and martyrdom would await them. But so would countless others who would gladly receive their message and love the risen Lord. And they had His promise of peace that would be given them by the Holy Spirit.

Now Jesus is sending you as His ambassador in your world — taking in those you know well and those who are strangers just waiting to be met. The Sender, Jesus, wants to guide the sent, you, in a daily path that influences others by reminding them of His love.

I recall a strange but wonderful experience I had after Christ exploded with new life in my heart. I was on guard duty during my Marine days on Okinawa. Suddenly, I felt that if I just leaped upward the Lord would take me to be with Him — and how I longed to go! So I laid my rifle down (no guns in heaven!) and jumped skyward. How sad I was when I landed with a thud — but sad only for a moment. The Lord spoke so sweetly that it wasn’t time to take me to Himself but it was the time to send me to tell others about Him. That’s why you’re here, too — as a witness just as “sent” by Jesus as were those disciples of yesteryear. They obeyed the call. Now it’s our turn!

My Prayer

“Here am I, my precious Lord. Send me anywhere to anyone at anytime. Just as the Father sent You, so now send me.”

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