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February 18

“Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?”
I Kings 3:9

What if God appeared to you in a dream, as He did Solomon? And what if God said to you: “Ask what I shall give thee” (v 5)? This was Solomon’s chance to ask for riches, honor and guaranteed long life. But how foolish such a request would have been to this young king faced with the enormous challenge of leading the people of Israel. He knew that all the material benefits in the world could not keep him on the throne if he displeased the Lord. After all, his father David must have warned him many times concerning Saul – how he had it all and lost it all because he ceased discerning between good and evil. Solomon’s simple cry for God’s gift of an understanding heart pleased the Lord immensely. And the request was granted – with a lot of other benefits thrown in besides.

That brings it down to you and me. What is your greatest desire? What do you pray for the most? Where do your thoughts turn most often? Have we learned from biblical examples as well as from those in our own world how fleeting are our riches – how fragile our lives – how final our death? May our deepest desire and request be that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ. That alone will guarantee us understanding hearts that can discern the big – and sometimes more subtle – difference between good and evil. Ask the Lord to search, sift and sanctify your heart and mind until heaven’s pleasures, not earth’s possessions, become your all-consuming desire and drive.

My Prayer

“You see my heart just as clearly as You saw Solomon’s. Precious Lord, give me the gift of an understanding heart to know the difference between pleasing You and causing You grief. Reign on the throne of my being.”

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