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July 5

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
Matthew 6:21

Here is Webster on “treasure”: “any person or thing considered very valuable…to value greatly; cherish.” In the context of today’s scripture, Jesus speaks of only two directions we can look to find treasure — the horizontal for the possible accumulation of money, and the vertical for the lasting riches of more of God Himself. First, let it be said that money is not the root of all evil. On the contrary, it is the root and branch of much good when used in God’s will and for His purposes. It is the “love of money” that nourishes all evil and finally leaves those who thirst for only this world’s gold lying with parched bones across the devil’s desert.

There are two forces — two spirits, if you will, that say, “There is never enough!” One is the unredeemed human spirit that fosters and feeds on greed. A sign in a loan company window said: “Now you can borrow enough money to get completely out of debt.” Isn’t that a description of America? And too many Christians?

But there is another “Spirit” – the Holy Spirit of God – who says “There is never enough of God” for the one who thirsts for the lasting treasures of heaven. The Father, through the Son, wants to give you more and more of Himself. You are His treasure – where His heart is. You would have to be, for Jesus to leave all his pre-incarnate glory to come and die for you. Make Jesus alone your greatest treasure. Set your daily priorities to seek His face and search out His Word above all else. Let loving Him be your life – and making money just your living so you can have a life of serving Him – and give life to others (your church, missions, the needy and broken) through the living He provides. Where do your thoughts mostly turn? The answer is where your treasure lies. From this moment on, determine that “treasure” will be Jesus.

My Prayer

“Work deeply within my heart, my Father, until I neither value nor cherish anything or anyone more than You.”

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