My Precious Friend,

Weep with me.

Cry with me over our Israel and the Jewish people. We love them unconditionally with God’s love. We defend them from those who wish them harm. We pray for them to recognize that God is alive and powerful—able to give them new hope.

Most of my (God made them mine) Jewish people believe the Bible—their very Book—to be full of fairy tales. Others have reduced God’s Word to rigid rules but no real love. When Jews in Israel face the biblical facts that Yeshuah is the promised Messiah, they find new hope and great peace. They become aware of their spiritual heritage, are filled with a great desire to build and bless their country, and believe that in receiving Jesus the Jew they remain as Jewish as ever.

Yet they are attacked and hated by fellow Jews, find their tires slashed and homes attacked, and even their lives threatened. They give nothing but love and forgiveness in return.

Don’t abandon those who love Yeshuah in Israel—or anywhere.

Some evangelical leaders, wanting to show Jews more friendship, are in danger of soft-pedaling Jesus—the Source of the true Christian’s love. Years ago, I was told “Just say Jesus is for Gentiles, not for Jews. You will be a very popular and influential personality and great doors will open.” That “suggestion” did not merit two seconds of thought. Unconditional love, yes. But to deny that Jesus died for all men—including Jews—never! So I continue to this day “to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.” I believe that is also your heart.

Thanks for caring,

Frank Eiklor

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