Precious partners,


I learned those words from my hero, Apostle Paul, when he stood before Agrippa. I dare to say them to you in spite of all the mistakes and stupidities in my life the past 40 years. I want to tell you what the vision is and why I pray it will continue long after I’m gone.


He taught me how to defend His people from hate but to always tell them it was because of Jesus – Yeshuah – in my life. That was not what many Jewish leaders wanted to hear. They were more pleased with supportive Christians who hid the gospel or tickled ears by saying “Jews have their own covenant” – meaning salvation minus Jesus Christ and the Cross. The heavenly vision says “no way except the One who is ‘The Way’.”

We never lost a debate in defending Israel from very bad people. And we never sold out of Savior to please Jewish hearers. That is not an easy road to travel. It’s called “unconditional love without compromise.”

I dare to say that most of the Church today is still blind and silent when it comes to God’s tender love for Israel. Terrible days are ahead. Christians must be awakened. Shalom is an uncompromising light to thousands. This light must grow brighter. Through God, we will!


That’s what we became known for 40 years ago. Nasty fellows – neo-Nazis, skinheads and different “militants” reached out to harm Jews. They figured the worst opposition they would face would be “naughty naughty!” – just words.

But God gave us a plan with deeds. We said, “No more of your hate. We Christians will clean up your dirty work done to our Jewish neighbors. We also call for you arrest. We’ll be the first ones to visit you in jail to offer you a new life through Jesus Christ.”

We still teach this plan. And the growing hatred against Jewish souls worldwide will call for millions of Christians to stand as God’s wall of defense.

There are other parts to heavenly vision that I’ll tell you next month. – God’s love for Arabs and other Muslims and His recipe for revival for the Church. Right now we need some financial miracles to continue the battle. We’ve faced some tough months. I’ll appreciate your sacrifice so extra much. Love you! God bless!

…Frank Eiklor

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