Line up all the books on “Christian Leadership” and they might stretch across the USA. Why write another one? Because I believe we have missed God’s target of what constitutes true leadership and who is called to lead. At least I know I missed it during decades of Christian ministry. Each book I read shared isolated ideas and principles of leadership. Various life examples were given to illustrate the authors’ voices. All well and good.

Yet, during all my studies, little did I realize that I held in my hands the perfect definition of God’s type of leader and one life that Jesus would use as a pattern to illustrate what it meant to follow Him and cause others to do the same. It was right there in my Bible. And I couldn’t find in any other book what God was about to show me!

Frank Eiklor presents this volume to you with a prayer that its pages will leave you inspired with a burning passion to experience all of God’s plan for your life in using you as His servant-leader in your personal world.

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