It’s a word that strikes fear—even terror—in people across the Western world. “Islam”! And another word that terrifies—”Jihad”—holy war against all infidels (non-Muslims). Willing and eager suicide bombers. Others who slaughter their victims from the free world by slicing throats and cutting off heads. All to inspire fear, terror, and dread!

They believe they are right. That their god is the right one—and Jews and Christians be damned—literally! The goal is world control under the banner of Islam. If this is a mere contest between men and their ideas about God, then the radical Islamist can stake his claim that he is right and all gods—including the Bible’s God—are wrong.

But wait! What about Jesus Christ? Mere man or God who came in the flesh? Long dead? Or alive evermore? Just another weak human? Or an awesome Spirit able to open men’s eyes even while shutting their mouths through signs, wonders and mighty deeds.

There is already a contest going on for the hearts of men. The Son of God is appearing in dreams and visions to many young Muslims. Others, ravaged by disease or tormented by demons, are being prayed for in the name of Jesus. And He is doing what no one’s god can do—the miraculous!

What would the Apostle Paul tell us today? What one man of God told me before I ministered in India: “If you don’t believe God can and will do anything, don’t come to India. You won’t stand a chance against the forces of hell.”

But God CAN do anything—and WILL do anything when we dare to pray, preach and walk in His presence. When I was in the former Soviet Union I was told the story of the elderly saint listening to a Communist leader cursing Christ. Suddenly she said, “Stop! God just spoke to me. If you say one more word, He will kill you.” The scorner laughed, cursed again and…dropped dead on the spot!

The God of Moses, Elijah, David and Paul is about to do a new thing in the world of Islam. He has already started. If Jesus Christ died for anyone, then He died for everyone. A door has begun to open for me in Indonesia—the home to more Muslims than any country on earth. But I’m not waiting for Indonesia. I’m looking for Muslims now who are full of fears, diseases, doubts and their own terror over the thought of death. Then I tell them: “You have tried your way. Now I shall pray that Jesus will show you He is alive by answering your prayer.”

My friend, pray for us and all who have a burden for the Muslim world. There is no time to waste on mere human weapons. We must reclaim the weapons of the Spirit of God
Frank Eiklor

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