Precious friend,

I’m asking God to make you want to read this letter. You are one of a select few that we send it to. You either know Norma and me or you know someone who believes in te Shalom vision and told you about us.

We need you to help us. I need you to let us be a part of your missionary arm – to be you hand extended to the Jewish people, to Israel, to Muslims and to the world. And to help us awaken a sleeping Church by being examples in loving and witnessing for Christ.

My team members and I believe that the Lord Jesus is the answer to every human heart. We know it! So do you! That’s why the Apostle John records the first question Jesus asked; “What seek ye?” When they asked where he lived, Jesus said, “Come and see.” Today He still calls “Come and see,” because He seeks to live in every human heart.

Now Jews see Him in us when we serve and defend them with unconditional love and tell them our Source – Jesus. And our Lord (now living in you and me) doesn’t avoid Muslims. He approaches them with love, hope and the assurance of eternal life, because that’s what they find in us. The same holds true for those of all religions – and no religion – who listen to our personal testimonies. Many see it, feel it – JESUS IS ALIVE!

A surgeon whom I recently led to Christ said: “Frank, Paul has become my favorite apostle.” When I asked Justin why, he answered: “From the time Paul believed, it was full-throttle for Christ.” Full-throttle! That is my heart and the goal of this ministry. We need your help to do it. I told you that you are part of a select few who receive these monthly letters. That’s why we use a first class stamp. To make sure the letter arrives.

Some have not responded in a long time. One brother told me straight: “Frank, you have to ask and seek.” So I’m asking and seeking the help of each reading these lines.

Our greatest need is consistent giving and hearing from all who get this appeal. If you have not been in touch, will you trust the Lord to send $10 or $20 a month for a year? We’ll ask the Lord to multiply it back to you.

To you, who already help with your monthly offering, thank you. Those who give at intervals, God bless you. I’ve been sincere and straight. Your response this month will encourage us big time.

Please see the enclosed card. Make Shalom your hand extended – part of your missionary arm to Israel, Jews and the world.


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