Precious friend,

I don’t see them all the time. I don’t think I’d live long if I did. I see them in spaced moments—like jolts that wake me again and again to reality. The reality of death, the grave, and…I see Yeshua reasoning earnestly with religious leaders. He knows who He is—the Son of God. What He will do—die as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all. How He will conquer death through His resurrection. And He knows why those who repent of our sins and accept Him as Savior find forgiveness and eternal joy.

I see Yeshua reasoning earnestly with religious leaders…He knows who He is…

So the One who IS Truth tells the truth to those who claim to believe in a coming Messiah:
“If you believe not that I am He, you shall die in your sins.” John 8:24

That’s when my “reality jolts” hit me.

The Jew, the Muslim, the Buddhist and the Hindu, the “Christian” in name only, the atheist, mankind…the final beat of the heart; the words “He’s (she’s) gone!”; loved ones’ tears and final good-byes and an apparent “The End”. But now beyond human sight—seen only by eyes of faith—it’s not the end only a glorious—or terrifying—new beginning. One dies dressed in Christ’s righteousness alone, “faultless to stand before the throne”. The other dies clothed in his own righteousness—“filthy rags”—to face a holy God. See why I often cry? Maybe you do, too.

…seen only by eyes of faith—it’s not the end only a glorious—or terrifying—new beginning…

But I can do more than weep. More than pray. So can you. You can help me to put legs to our tears and prayers. The Holy Spirit gives gifts—He made me an effective voice in mass media—audio and video. Years of changed lives were the result.

You can help me to put legs to our tears and prayers!

The offer is out there. A station reaching nearly 200 countries wants me on—at no cost! The cost is to produce Holy Spirit-powered programs. I still have the burning heart. We just don’t have the burning bucks.

Will you pray? God has blessed many with money to invest. Is there any better investment than guiding people to Jesus Christ?! All I have is the willingness to give my life to get the job done—evangelize the world.  Just $5,000 more each month—$60,000 for one year—would let me let the world see the REAL JESUS. That’s the power—good or evil—of the internet.

I know you’ll do what you can. But please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead those who have much to help turn this ministry loose as His light in peoples’ darkness. Like Paul…I am debtor…I am ready…I am not ashamed of the gospel.

Frank Eiklor

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