Precious partners,

“I’m seeing the lawyer tonight. I want a divorce.” But after our encounter that afternoon, Patrick turned to Christ. His life is changed, he’s in the Word, and comes to me with scriptures and questions. Married need examples!

Patrick turned to Christ. His life is changed

Angelica fitted me with glasses as I told her how percous she is to God. What a smile as she told me her love for Jesus. He had saved her from possible suicide at what she thought was “pointless living.” You need love!

Youth need love!

Pastor Elijah is using the Revelation Recipe For Revival in Kenya. How hungry are people for God’s love and hope? I saw a photo of Kenyan men in a field looking at a Christian film – not on a screen or wall, but on the side of a cow! Lord, break my heart!

Lord, break my heart!

God has gifted this ministry with hearts that love Him. Our Vice President Jim Durbin and I go back 32 years. Norma and I have known our newly appointed CEO Cecilia Contreeras for many years in her service to this ministry. Please keep both in your prayers.

Will you become a prayer partner with the Shalom Team!

If we don’t live in Israel, we are to encourage those who do. Like Eric and Terri who have given their lives for the Lord in the holy land and hosted Norma and me in some of our journeys. The four of us recently spent 90 minutes strengthening each other by phone. The Holy Spirit is reviving Israeli believers. Israel needs our prayers.

The Holy Spirit is reviving Israeli believers. Israel needs our prayers.

I just finished recording 140 miracles, signs and wonders in the Old Testament. Then I matched them in the New Testament. Wow! Our Lord is the same today! Here’s the first one: God having no beginning or end (Genesis 1:1) and you and I will have no end – only eternal life. (1 John 5:13). Our Father’s plan is for us to live and long as He does – forever! Think about that!

I just finished recording 140 miracles, signs and wonders…

God once told a young man that all his hours and efforts were to go into advancing the Kingdom of God. The Lord promised to supply everything needed to carry out His cause – reaching Jew and Gentile – world evangelism. Sixty plus years later, God’s call and promise have not changed, though the young man named Frank is now the old guy who is me.

Each year, each month, we have trusted the Lord to supply the funds in order to fulfill the call. We trust Him again this month to supply the needs. May He use you and bless you in this great cause.


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