Inspired By Christ

Love is More Than Just a Word

Most people believe we are our brother’s keeper. Few ever get involved. Most people hate bigotry. Few ever confront it. Some Christians know that the roots of our faith are Jewish and that Jesus came as a Jew. Yet anti-Semitism and other hate spread like a cancer with much of the Christian Church either unaware or uninvolved in combating it – sometimes even aiding and abetting the purveyors of prejudice. And most of the Church knows there is a suffering world that Jesus died for, yet few burn with a passion to reach it.

Time to Get Serious

Here’s where Shalom comes in. In action since 1979, we’re serious followers of Jesus Christ who are not playing church and spiritual games. Frank Eiklor serves as Shalom’s president with offices located in California. Today Frank and the Shalom team are in action across America, Israel and the world. Outreach ranges from one-on-one evangelism and discipleship to preaching to the masses.

No Time for Mere Religion

Eiklor’s many years of experience have made him a mentor to pastors and Christian leaders as well as a role model to young people around the globe. Team members assist in reaching those who are open and searching – and teaching practical discipleship to believers who yearn for meaning and reality in their Christian lives. Jesus (not “Christianity” or mere religion) is introduced in countries where believers today still suffer and die for their faith.

The Meaning of a Name

The Internet, literature, radio and TV, conferences and seminars – all come into play in the Shalom vision “to introduce to the world the unconditional love of God.

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