Dear Partner,

At age 82, should I lay down the sword and think “rocker time”? I can’t! The Holy Spirit keeps opening doors, pouring out His grace and letting me speak with power and passion. I’m faced with a brand new challenge—and you are part of it.

1)     Wherever I go across the country and globe, youth gather round and listen. “You are our example. We want to follow in your steps. Tell us—show us—how to love Jesus!” (I leave in a few days to disciple Korean young people who want to reach the world.) Today’s youth are part of what is called the “suicide generation,” and I MUST show them that God is alive.

2)     “We miss Eiklor’s ‘More Than Talk’ program. I would put it back on at no cost,” said the owner of the internet station. All we need to do is produce the messages.

3)     I also have the open door to produce brief, powerful five-minute videos for millions of Facebook viewers who surf the web but are drowning in despair.

4)     We don’t dare pull back on our St. Paul School and its 75,000 students. Not now—with the world exploding and each of these disciples learning how to offer Jesus Christ and hope.

5)     Hatred against Jews and Israel is on the rise. We have years of experience in how to put the enemy to flight. This is no time to hide.

Here’s the reality.

God has given me His call to go and years of a track record—but not the money to fulfill the goal.

He has given friends—like you—the funds, but not the call. May I be your voice to millions across the world?

I can’t go without your help.

We’re asking the Lord to send in $5000 more each month from September 2018 to September of 2019. That’s one year of added action and impact. I’ll tackle it like biblical James says, “if the Lord will, we shall live and do this or that” (4:15)

Many who have stood with us—even for over 50 years—have gone to be with the Lord. Will you pray that God will raise up others? Five thousand dollars added to our tight budget may not sound like much to some. But it will be a miracle for us and God’s sign for “Full speed ahead!” And if God has blessed you with plenty, will you hear my call for your help—hopefully each month for the next year?

If you have loved ones or friends who would like to hear from a ministry that God has kept true and transparent, I would welcome them! My own response is still…

“Here am I, Lord. Send me!”


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