Dear Partners,

You pray and give to make it happen. You also share in the results.

  • Keith was dying of cancer. Pastor Bob Hakala and I went to his home Easter season of 2018 and led this humble man to assurance in Christ. When I saw his wife this Easter in New Hampshire, she said Keith kept asking when I was coming. He wanted to see me one more time. That “time” will last forever when I see him again. Keith died five months ago.
  • Our “heavenly vision” is the same as Paul’s: “To open their eyes…turn them from darkness to light…from the power of Satan to God.” The result will last forever—those like Keith receive “forgiveness of sins and an inheritance” with the saints. Acts 26:18. Our vision is foursquare.
  1. WAKE UP THE CHURCH “God’s Recipe For Revival is now launched. The course in Revelation—first lesson—is now going around the world on the internet. Pray that God will use this recipe to raise up one-man, one-woman “walking revivals” sold out only to Jesus.
  2. SPEAK UP FOR ISRAEL Iran threatens war. Missiles from Gaza kill Israelis. I have been to Gaza—a hotbed of hopelessness and hate. Only the love of Yeshuah, lived out by thousands of Jewish and Gentile disciples, can offer hope to Israel. Deception is coming. The Church has a brief time to repent of failing to be Israel’s most loyal friend—and proving it by defending Israel’s right to live. We’re raising up those warriors.
  3. STAND UP FOR JEWISH NEIGHBORS The devil’s attack against Jews in Poway, California hit close to home. Norma and l lived nearby for years. Jewish neighbors no longer stand alone when attacked by haters. We have taught (and teach) thousands of Christians to stand up for the Jews and never let them stand alone. I hope you will always be one of them.
  4. HOLD UP MUSLIMS AND THE WORLD IN PRAYER I love Muslims. And they know it when I meet them. None I meet have assurance of eternal life. We do! So I use Surahs (Koran scriptures) that raise up Jesus (‘Isa) as Savior. Their own Koran says that ‘Isa is holy, has power over death and that He knows the way to heaven. So I say, “Let’s see what ‘Isa says about Himself”. If I can get them in the book of John, anything can happen. God’s Word is powerful!

That’s a little news about your investment in Shalom. We deal with diamonds, rubies and pearls—the two-legged kind. We don’t offer you a return in this life’s currency. But I guarantee a return in your account in heaven (Philippians 4:17) Only what’s done for Christ will last.

So I ask boldly for your investment,

Frank Eikor

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